Saturday, October 04, 2014

Yazawa Shin gives birth to her 2nd baby

Yazawa Shin announced through her blog on 30 September that she had given birth to her second daughter on 27 September. In her blog entry, she revealed that her baby weighed 2,640 grams at birth and that both the baby and her are doing well despite the delivery date being earlier than expected. Yazawa who got married to former K-1 MAX champion Masato in February 2007, gave birth to their first daughter in June 2012. After she announced her second pregnancy on 9 June this year, Yazawa was later diagnosed with placenta previa which made her prone to swelling of her tummy and bleeding. She thanked her husband for supporting her through this tough period despite having to juggle work and taking care of the family and also expressed her gratitude towards her fans and friends who were worried for her until she gave birth to the baby.

Source: Sponichi

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