Friday, October 17, 2014

Takenouchi Yutaka & Kurashina Kana confirmed to be dating

Takenouchi Yutaka and Kurashina Kana are currently dating, according to the 17th Oct issue of FRIDAY. The couple who is 17 years apart in age, were first sighted by the tabloid in autumn last year when Takenouchi was found to have visited Kurashina's home regularly and even spent Christmas Eve and Christmas with her. Takenouchi were also caught driving Kurashina home on several occasions.

As a result of this report, Takenouchi was asked by the press about his relationship status when he appeared in Kyoto on 16 October for the opening ceremony of the 1st Kyoto International Film Festival. Although he wanted to say something in response to the media's questions, he was quickly whisked off by the staff and left the red carpet area. Subsequently, both Takenouchi's and Kurashina's agencies released statements confirming that they are indeed dating and asked for the support of everyone around them.

Takenouchi and Kurashina worked together for the first time in the TBS Spring 2012 drama "Mou ichido Kimi ni, Propose" which was said to be what led to the beginning of their relationship.

Source: Sponichi / Daily Sports


junny said...

Wow, this was a bit unexpected. Weren't the rumours about him and Wakui Emi? I haven't seen Kurashina in anything, so I dunno if she's a decent actress.

Chiaki said...

There's something quite suspicious about Takenouchi and Kurashina's relationship report which I find it hard to ignore. FRIDAY sitting on such a huge scoop since autumn 2013 and resisting the urge to expose it is very unusual. And the report didn't seem to mention when they exactly started dating other than saying that the first sighting of them being on dates was in 2013.

Moreover, it had always been Wakui Emi linked to Takenouchi for the past two years or so and that they were close to getting married. Granted that Takenouchi and Wakui never commented on or confirmed those rumours and he actually acknowledged Kurashina as his girlfriend, it could be either that things did not work out between him and Wakui and he started dating Kurashina after that or it had been Kurashina all along but the media were totally misled.

I've seen Kurashina in a number of supporting roles and some leading roles in single-episode dramas such as "Kagi no nai yume wo miru". I don't really have a deep nor favourable impression of her or her acting because she seems to be playing a lot of those demure, sweet girls or girls who stand in the way between the leading couple. She'll be seen in this season's "First Class 2" so you can probably check it out and see if she can pull off a supposedly bad woman role.

junny said...

Now that you mention it, does feel rather fishy that a tabloid would sit on a scoop like this for almost a year. I wonder what, if any, really happened between Takenouchi and Wakui. I'd gotten used to the idea of them together and now he's dating this chick... sigh.

Mentioned this to a friend and she wondered if Takenouchi isn't "hot property" anymore, that's why it wasn't exposed earlier?

Chiaki said...

Well, even if Takenouchi is no longer as hot as he used to be, he's still a A-lister after all so there's some name value to be exploited. Besides, Kurashina has never been romantically linked to him and the age difference between them is juicy gossip material which would have made the scoop even more sensational. Add on to the fact that he worked with Wakui Emi and Kurashina in the same drama but the rumours were all about him and Wakui in the past two years so there's going to be some conspiracy theory circling around as to who was the real girlfriend after all during this time. Like you, I was sort of "used to" the idea of Takenouchi and Wakui being together but then...let's just say that Kurashina was definitely a surprise to me. Nonetheless, I'm still happy for him that he has a new girlfriend since Brenda more than 10 years ago.

It's been said that Takenouchi and Fukuyama Masaharu are two of the most difficult stars to tail because they can shake off the paparazzi easily and are very alert to their surroundings. As such, being able to land such a big scoop on Takenouchi is definitely something you want to brag about to your competition. That's why I cannot fathom why FRIDAY would sit on this for a year. It can't be that they were waiting for Takenouchi or Kurashina to be appearing in a drama before they released the news (for promotional effect?) because since autumn 2013 to present, he had one SP and two movies released while Kurashina appeared in at least four full-length dramas during this period.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... He's dating. I've been wondering why such a hottie like him is still single. And he's not a monk.

fakhrurazi ruslan said...

Bacause he's focusing on his acting ?