Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Nakayama Miho reveals the truth behind her divorce

Nakayama Miho who got divorced from musician Tsuji Hitonari in July this year, revealed the truth behind their divorce in the October issue of female magazine "Bi ST" published on 19th August. In the interview, Nakayama revealed that she had already been thinking about divorce some years ago but was persuaded not to do so until her son grows up. However, the turning point came when Nakayama had to return to Japan temporarily for treatment as she was suffering from uterine myoma. At that time when her condition was rather serious, she met another man who went to great lengths to take care of her by looking up suitable treatment methods, finding a hospital for her operation and even taking care of her when she was recuperating. This led to her feeling that it was impossible for her to continue with her marriage.

As for what hurt her the most during the divorce proceedings, it was being labelled as someone who abandoned her child. However, Nakayama revealed that agreeing to give custody of her son to her ex-husband was a condition she had to agree to before she could go through the divorce so there was no way she could do anything about this. With regard to her future, Nakayama said that she had no intention of erasing what happened in the past because she had made the decision out of her own accord and would proceed with her new life from now on.

Source: Oricon

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