Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Filming wraps up for NHK morning drama "Hanako to Anne"

The filming for NHK morning drama "Hanako to Anne" finally ended on 26 August at a studio in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, where the cast met the press to share their thoughts about the drama. Yoshitaka Yuriko who plays the heroine Muraoka Hanako reflected that she will look back upon the 10-month filming period lovingly and is so touched about completing the drama that she was at a loss for words. Co-star Nakama Yukie who plays Hanako's best friend Renko was also at the ceremony and commented that thanks to everyone's hard work, they managed to produce such a brilliant drama.

"Hanako to Anne" is a drama based on the life of Muraoka Hanako who translated "Anne of Green Gables". The drama has enjoyed high ratings throughout its run with its peak up till 25 August at 22.6% when Renko eloped with her lover. The last episode will be shown on 27 September and the next drama to be aired in the same timeslot will be "Massan".

Source: Sanspo

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try feb said...

i am currently following this drama.. it is very good.. such a pity i am still on ep 54.. i hope it's getting subbed faster.. haha Murouka couple is cute