Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ikuta Toma & Toda Erika to work together in new movie "Yokokuhan"

Ikuta Toma will be playing a cyber terrorist in the new movie "Yokokuhan" (Advance Warning Criminal) which is based on the same titled manga by Tsutsui Tetsuya and will be shown in cinemas next summer. Ikuta will be the lead character Gates who wears a mask made of newspapers whenever he appears in his advance warning videos to tell the world that he will be punishing criminals who cannot be dealt with by the law. As a result, Ikuta will not be showing his face in at least 30 percent of the movie's running time. Co-stars include Toda Erika who plays a chief inspector trying to catch Gates while Suzuki Ryohei, Hamada Gaku and Arakawa Yoshiyoshi will be Gates' accomplices.

Filming of the movie begins this autumn.

Source: Sponichi

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