Friday, August 01, 2014

Kaname Jun's traffic accident involving a primary school student

Kaname Jun was involved in a traffic accident on in the afternoon of 31 July when his car knocked down a primary 3 female student in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo. Luckily, she had sustained minor injuries only. According to the police, the accident happened at a road in 2-chome, Sakura Shin-machi where there is one lane for each direction but no pedestrian crossing. Kaname testified that the little girl had ran across the road suddenly so he couldn't stop his car in time.

Source: Sanspo

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alia52nalie said...

Though I think the girl would have ran in front of car suddenly but I don’t think the car should have been driven at such speed on these roads. My cousin who works with a DUI attorney Los Angeles told me that he was quite lucky that kid suffered minor injuries only, else the situation would have been different.