Saturday, May 17, 2014

Screening event of new NHK drama "Platonic"

The screening event of new NHK drama "Platonic" was held on 16 May which was attended by the lead actress Nakayama Miho. The drama which will begin its run from 25 May at 10pm on Sundays, is written by Nojima Shinji and features Nakayama as a single mother who develops a relationship with a mysterious man played by KinKi Kids' Domoto Tsuyoshi. This is Nakayama's first drama in 12 years and she cut her hair by 20cm to fit the image of her character who has to take care of her daughter suffering from heart disease.

Filming started from last month and Nakayama is expected to return to Paris when filming wraps up in the middle of next month. When asked about the progress of her divorce negotiations with her husband Tsuji Hitonari, Nakayama did not give any details but was seen without her wedding ring during the event.

Source: Sanspo


chan said...

Rejoice happily for her Return But expressed sadness about her divorce.

Chiaki said...

This drama looks set to be a sad story too as Domoto Tsuyoshi's character is said to be suffering from a terminal illness and they probably would not have a happy ending after all.

Anyway, Nakayama doesn't seem to be making a full-fledged return to showbiz since she's still going to stay in Paris in the foreseeable future.