Saturday, May 17, 2014

ASKA arrested for possession of stimulants; denies the accusation

ASKA of the popular singing duo CHAGE and ASKA was arrested on suspicion of possessing stimulants on 6 April but had denied the accusation, according to reports on 17 May. ASKA was first named in some weekly magazines during July last year for being suspected of using drugs but had denied those reports. In response to the scandal, his agency also announced in October last year that ASKA was taking a break from his musical activities out of his own will.

Meanwhile, CHAGE also released his statement on their official website on 17 May where he commented that he had been waiting for ASKA to return to work but feels regretful that things have come to this stage. As ASKA's arrest had come as a surprise, CHAGE said that he is confused and not sure how he should respond for now but he will be taking on the scheduled fan club events on his own for the time being and promises to do his best. He also apologised for the worry and inconveniences caused to fans and related parties.

As for the duo's agency, they also released an apology statement for the worry caused to everyone and indicated that they will decide on the appropriate action after finding out more about ASKA's case.

Source: Sanspo 1 / Sanspo 2

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