Friday, May 20, 2016

Koizumi Kotaro & Kawaguchi Haruna to star in new NHK drama "Juken no Cinderella"

Koizumi Kotaro will be starring in his first leading role in a NHK drama when he appears in the upcoming "Juken no Cinderella" starting from 10 July in the Sundays 10pm timeslot. His co-star Kawaguchi Haruna is also making her first appearance in a NHK drama.

Koizumi plays Igarashi, a charismatic private tutor who used to be No.1 in Japan but lost his job. He is diagnosed with a terminal illness and said to have just one year left to live. Igarashi meets a senior high school girl Maki (Kawaguchi) who is struggling to make ends meet by taking on multiple part-time jobs and comes to him for help in her supplementary exam so that she can graduate from high school successfully. Igarashi who has lost his passion for teaching, decides then to prove everyone wrong by promising to turn Maki's grades around to the extent that she can qualify for University of Tokyo.

Co-stars include Tomita Yasuko who plays Maki's mother Chieko who can't seem to express her love for her daughter, Yamaguchi Sayaka, Yamada Yuki, Matsuo Satoru, Kawahara Kazuma, Endo Nina, Harada Kana, Kojima Kazuya and Hakamada Yoshihiko.

Sources: Yomiuri Hochi / Oricon

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