Saturday, December 06, 2014

Ashida Mana to play the president of a company in NHK drama SP "Rugged!"

The press conference for NHK BS drama SP "Rugged!" was held on 5 Dec which was attended by the cast members Ashida Mana, Iwaki Koichi, Ishida Ayumi, Kurosawa Toshio, Ono Takehiko and Maeda Gin. The drama SP which will be shown on 21st and 28th February at 7.30pm, features Ashida as a 10-year-old girl Noa who has to take over her father's company after he passed away while trying to get back JPY 300m from a fraud group which had cheated him. Thanks to the help of a group of elderly men, Noa manages to tap into their skills and experience to fight against the bad people around her.

This is Ashida's first leading role in a NHK role and she commented that it is a very interesting experience to play the president of a factory but it's something unlikely to happen in reality. However, she is very happy about taking on this challenging role and hoped that she won't be a burden to her co-stars who are more than 50 years older than her.

Source: Sponichi


chan said...

it's exciting when have been seen her
prepare to action as President.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit fed up by how they want to show that Ashida Mana is "more adult than the adults". Her role in Ashita Mama ga Inai was already incredibly annoying. So for sure, I'm not gonna watch her new drama as a "president of a company".
And on top of it, she always learns by heart the replies that she has to make during her interviews.
Stop giving her "adults' roles" and I'll watch dramas in which she's cast again!!!

Chiaki said...

I think this is a conflicting situation which these child actors are in. They are expected to perform better than kids of the same age so to put them in slightly more "adult" roles to show off their acting skills is a way to grab attention. Then again, when you get so good at this to the extent that your child-like traits are hidden or not visible anymore, people get upset over the fact that these children don't behave as they should at those ages. I think that's the issue with Ashida Mana now. She was already very good a long time ago so she really has to scale new heights in order to sustain her popularity or improve. Trying to find the perfect balance is very difficult, I guess.

Khánh Vân Bùi said...

i still love her and look forwards to every movie she is in! ganbatte mana-chan!