Sunday, December 14, 2014

Top 10 actresses who have made a breakthrough in 2014 (Oricon)

1) Arimura Kasumi

2) An

3) Nounen Rena

4) Ishihara Satomi

5) Nikaido Fumi

6) Yoshitaka Yuriko

7) Matsu Takako / Takahata Mitsuki

9) Ayase Haruka / Takei Emi

Source: Oricon


junny said...

Bah, Takei Emi and breakthrough don't belong in the same list or sentence.

Chiaki said...

I think the survey respondents seems to be slightly mistaken about the meaning of "breakthrough" because I can understand why Matsu Takako (due to her song in Frozen) and An (Gochisousan and Hanasaki Mai) were chosen. However, to some of the respondents, they based their choices on the level of exposure of these celebrities so it's quite evident from the selected comments from the respondents.

junny said...

Thanks for explaining! It makes sense then why one-note Fukushi Sota is top for the male breakthrough list. God, he's awful to watch. Ironically, he and Arimura head this list and I know some Strobe Edge fans are already complaining these two can't carry off their respective characters.

ELLASAM said...

I agree i dont really think both acting are so good to be at top
Think this list s not according to professional judge but base on explosure and popularity....

I think it s unfair too to actors who are good in acting like mizobata junpei his acting so much better than fukushi so dont know how they arrive with this kind of result