Wednesday, August 26, 2015

"MOZU" spin-off drama SPs to be shown via TBS and WOWOW in November 2015

TBS and WOWOW will be working together again in the new "MOZU" spin-off drama SPs which are to be shown in early November 2015. The lead in the SPs will be Osugi Ryota played by Kagawa Teruyuki who left the police force due to his distrust for the authorities and opens his own detective agency in the movie version of "MOZU" to be shown in cinemas from 7 November this year. In the spin-off drama SPs, Osugi's relationship with his wife Keiko and daughter Megumi (played by Horiuchi Keiko and Sugisaki Hana respectively) will be featured while he also gets help from his information provider in the police force Narumiya Keisuke (Ito Atsushi) to solve the cases he takes on.

In the first SP titled "Utsukushiki Hyoteki Hen" (The beautiful target), Osugi is hired to be the bodyguard of big-time actress Shiraishi Yuri (Iijima Naoko) after she receives a death threat. The story describes the battles between women in the entertainment circle and how Osugi tries to protect Yuri from an unknown enemy. Yuri's agency boss Ueda Kanae will be played by Katagiri Hairi while her manager Takenaka Satomi will be played by Misaki Ayame.

In the second SP titled "Kudakareta Kako Hen" (The crushed past), Osugi receives a case where the client Koike Risa played by Hayami Akari claims that her supposedly dead younger sister has reappeared and hires him to investigate a mysterious facility. While being reminded of why he had quit the police force during the course of the investigation, Osugi teams up with his former buddy Mishima Akifumi played by Kiritani Kenta to look for the suspect Sato Tsuneyoshi played by Urai Kenji.

Source: Oricon


junny said...

I like Kagawa, but MOZU again? Jeez, they're really milking this series for all it's worth, but it's not like it was a smash hit in the first place to justify all these. Ugh.

Chiaki said...

Well, what about those dramas which haven't even begun their run yet already have movie versions lined up without even a clue as to whether the dramas will do well? The TV stations may not want to back down despite knowing that it is a losing business, just so because they cannot go back on their word of making the movies.

Likewise for MOZU, although the movie wasn't announced before the dramas started, the lacklustre ratings and not-so-favourable comments should have made TBS and WOWOW stop their plans. Somehow, there is some residual value in the MOZU franchise so they'll keep milking it to the end regardless of whether the viewers are indeed asking for it. I just feel bad about the money poured into such projects which could have been channeled into more profitable or higher quality productions, what a waste.