Friday, August 28, 2015

Kataoka Ainosuke admits to dating Fujiwara Norika

Kataoka Ainosuke posted a message on his blog today to announce that he is currently dating Fujiwara Norika. In the blog post titled "Truth and feelings", Kataoka expressed his wish to convey his thoughts and the truth to his fans and everyone working with him so that was what motivated him to pen his feelings in the blog. He stressed that Fujiwara was never the third party in his relationship with former girlfriend Kumakiri Asami even when rumours of him cohabiting with Fujiwara first came out in May this year. Kataoka stated that he has never loved nor dated two women at the same time so far and apologised for the inconveniences caused to Fujiwara as they had been merely good friends up to that point in time. It was only until recently that they started dating especially after she provided support to him while braving through the two-timing controversy. He said that he won't be that thick-skinned to ask for everyone's support but since he and Fujiwara are both single and already in their 40s, he asked for privacy and space to allow their relationship to develop as time progresses.

Source: Oricon 1 / Oricon 2

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