Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Movie adaptation of Yoshida Shuichi's novel "Ikari" featuring a star-studded cast

The movie adaptation of Yoshida Shuichi's novel "Ikari" (Anger) will be directed by Lee Sang Il and features a star-studded cast including Watanabe Ken, Moriyama Mirai, Matsuyama Kenichi, Ayano Go, Hirose Suzu, Pierre Taki, Miura Takahiro Takahata Mitsuki, Hara Hideko, Ikewaki Chizuru, Miyazaki Aoi and Tsumabuki Satoshi. Filming for the movie began from 8 August and there are three stories set in Chiba, Tokyo and Okinawa.

In the first story set in a fishing port at Chiba, Watanabe plays a employee there named Maki Yohei whose daughter Aiko (Miyazaki) starts dating his new colleague named Tashiro Tetsuya played by Matsuyama. However, as Tashiro's background is shrouded in secrecy, Maki finds it impossible to trust him with Aiko even though he is hoping that her relationship will turn out well. Watanabe commented that this is the first time he is playing a role who finds it so difficult to trust another person so it's a very challenging experience for him. Meanwhile, Miyazaki and Matsuyama who are also working with Director Lee for the same time, commented that even though their respective roles are difficult to play, they are enjoying the filming process as much as they can.

In the Tokyo story, Tsumabuki plays the role of Fujida Yuma who works at a major advertising firm and unwittingly starts living together with Onishi Naoto (Ayano) who he met by chance one day. As compared to Yuma's openness towards Naoto, the latter behaves strangely in the daytime which leads Yuma to become suspicious about his new friend. Tsumabuki who had read the novel before, commented that he had always wanted to play the role of Yuma and is eager to put in his best performance.

As for the Okinawa story, Hirose plays Komiyama Izumi who shifts there with her mother and is on a walk on a deserted island where she meets Tanaka Shingo (Moriyama) who is living alone there. Despite meeting each other for the first time, they become good friends as they can speak about anything to each other. However, Izumi happens to meet with a mishap when she visits Naha with her classmate Tatsuya. Unable to deal with the guilt he has towards Izumi, Tatsuya goes to Tanaka to confide in him and unexpectedly finds out that the latter had actually witnessed what happened. Hirose said that after reading the novel, she was so fascinated by Izumi's role that she volunteered to take part in the audition. As for Moriyama, he said that his role is one who is unable to deal with pain and anger so he hopes to show the silent treatment of these emotions through his acting. The role of Tatsuya will be played by newcomer Sakumoto Takara who was chosen from 1,200 applicants during an audition.

Co-stars in this movie include Pierre and Miura who play the police detectives looking for the criminal involved in Izumi's case, Takahata who plays Kaoru who is an acquaintance of Naoto, Hara who plays Yuma's mother and Ikewaki who plays Aiko's friend Asuka.

Filming is expected to be wrapped up in mid October and the movie is due to be shown nationwide in autumn 2016.



junny said...

Quite interested in this film since it's got such a nice list of actors. I've yet to watch Villain, though I've read the novel, so this is definitely on my radar. Now I'll have to hunt for Ikari the novel as well.

Meggie said...

Lot of famous names and Lee Sang Il's work is definitely something that to be anticipated. I curious who was the culprit in the story and I read on other blog about the synopsis saying Tsumabuki-Ayano will play gay couple? or it's a mistake, the relationship only a friend? would be more interesting if they do.