Friday, August 21, 2015

Mukai Osamu to star in TV Asahi Autumn 2015 drama "Isan Sozoku"

Mukai Osamu will be starring in the upcoming TV Asahi Autumn 2015 drama "Isan Sozoku" (The family who fights over the inheritance) which will begin its run from October in the Thursdays 9pm timeslot. The drama which is written by Inoue Yumiko, features Mukai as a medical intern named Sato Ikuo who marries into a matrillineal family in the funeral business and gets embroiled in the fight for the inheritance. Despite being subjected to verbal abuse by his in-laws and other members of his wife's family, Sato has no interest in joining the fight for the inheritance and also can't be bothered about the workplace politics at the hospital he works at. As a result of his reluctance to get involved in the controversy, it gradually brings about a change in his in-laws' family.

This will be Mukai's first leading role in a TV Asahi drama and his first playing a son-in-law. His wife Kaede will be played by Eikura Nana who was divorced at the young age of 23 and is doted on by her grandfather who is the chairman of the family business Kawamura Memorial. Sato will then be Kaede's second husband. Having worked with Eikura many times, Mukai said that he is at ease working with her and feels that their collaborations so far will help them play a married couple well this time.

Co-stars include Kishibe Ittoku who plays the father-in-law of Sato and had also married into the family like him, Ito Shiro who plays the grandfather of Kaede, Yo Kimiko, Muroi Shigeru, Itaya Yuka, Kishimoto Kayoko, Suzuki Kosuke and Watanabe Ikkei.

Source: Sanspo


chan said...

l wish this Plot as funny as Kareranai IchiZOKU.

Chiaki said...

Hmm...was Karenaru Ichizoku ever funny?

Anyway, this looks something which might border between light-hearted and melodramatic. I'm more curious about Mukai and Eikura's characters being married and how she's going to portray a divorcee rather than the fight over the inheritance. I expect lots of cursing and swearing in that aspect which is likely to wear my interest down to the point that I'll not finish this drama.