Saturday, April 11, 2015

Narimiya Hiroki & Nanao to appear in WOWOW period drama "Futagashira"

Narimiya Hiroki will be appearing in the new WOWOW period drama "Futagashira" starring Matsuyama Kenichi and Saotome Taichi which begins its run from 13 June in the Saturdays 10pm timeslot. This is his first drama after graduating from the "Aibou" series in March this year so Narimiya commented that he hoped to bring whatever he learnt from "Aibou" to his new works and it will be a new experience for him to change from being a police detective to becoming a bandit in this drama.

Matsuyama and Saotome play the characters Benkei and Soji who break into the houses of the evil at night to steal their stuff and are part of the bandit group Akame. After their respected leader Tatsugoro entrusts the group to them on his deathbed, his widow Okon played by Nanao comes up with a will said to be written by Tatsugoro which states that his successor should be Kanzaburo (Narimiya). As Benkei and Soji do not agree with Kanzaburo's ways of killing at will for the sake of stealing, they embark on a journey to do something big. Meanwhile, Kanzaburo and Okon carry on their secret liaison which began way before Tatsugoro died.

Even though this is the first time that Narimiya and Nanao are working together, they have many scenes together and even have bed and kissing scenes. As such, Narimiya said that it was essential for them to build a rapport and trust each other so that they could do the scenes naturally. Nanao also commented that thanks to Narimiya's help in leading her, they were able to finish the intimate scenes successfully.

Source: Sanspo

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