Monday, April 20, 2015

"DEATH NOTE" to be made into real-life drama for Summer 2015 season

"DEATH NOTE", the popular manga series published between 2003 and 2006 in "Shukan Shonen Jump" by Oba Tsugumi and Obata Takeshi, will make its return as a real-life drama adaptation this summer from July via NTV in its Sundays 10.30pm timeslot. The manga which had achieved domestic sales of more than 30 million copies to date, was made into a movie in 2006 featuring Fujiwara Tatsuya as Yagami Light and Matsuyama Kenichi as L. However, the drama's storyline will deviate from the anime and movie versions with a new ending. As for the cast and staff lineup, it will be announced at a later date. What's noteworthy is that Near who is one of the more popular characters in the manga, will be appearing in a real-life adaptation for the first time in this drama series.

Source: Oricon


When I first read about this, my initial reaction was "wow" then it went to "erm...". I thought that Fujiwara and Matsuyama were perfect for their respective roles and I struggle to think of anyone who might fit these roles. I surely don't mind if they reprise their roles! Whoever appears in the drama will have to cope with the double challenge of overcoming the comparisons between them and the manga characters as well as Fujiwara and Matsuyama. When adaptations try to go a different path from the original, it may sometimes work against them so I do worry about the storyline going haywire.

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