Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hagiwara Nagare passes away due to traffic accident

Actor Hagiwara Nagare passed away on 22 April due to a traffic accident which happened around 6pm in the same evening. According to the police, Hagiwara had been riding his motorcycle on a three-lane road in Ome, Tokyo, when he was trying to avoid running into a vehicle travelling in front of him which was changing lanes. As a result, he fell from his motorcycle and was reportedly run over by another car from behind thus leading to his death due to a heart rupture. It was reported that he already lost consciousness while being sent to a hospital.

Hagiwara entered the theatre group Tsuka Kouhei Jimusho in 1982 and was active in stage plays, movies and dramas. He and his wife were suffering from depression at a time and had released books and held seminars talking about their experiences. In October last year, Hagiwara was involved in a traffic accident where he allegedly ran into a pedestrian while on his motorcycle. He was also involved in another accident in March this year when he fell from his motorcycle while driving.

Source: Sanspo

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Anonymous said...

Condolences to the his wife and family.
For 2 motorcycle accidents, he was riding beyond his ability to control his motorcycle... for the 3rd and final motorcycle accident... he lost his life.

You would think that his wife and his family should have made him give up his beloved motorcycle after the first accident.