Wednesday, June 05, 2013

EXILE's SHOKICHI & NAOTO to star in NTV summer 2013 drama "Frenemy ~ Dobunezumi no Machi"

EXILE members SHOKICHI and NAOTO will be starring in the NTV summer 2013 drama "Frenemy ~ Dobunezumi no Machi" which begins its run from 3 July at 1.29am on Wednesdays. SHOKICHI plays the role of Natsuo, an orphan who had a difficult life but still wants to survive in a big city while NAOTO plays his childhood friend Wataru and they get embroiled in a tale of friendship and betrayal. This is the first time for the both of them to be leads in a drama.

SHOKICHI made his acting debut in last October through the NTV drama "Sugarless" while NAOTO can be seen in the ongoing drama "Last Cinderella" as an assistant in a hair salon managed by Fujiki Naohito and Shinohara Ryoko.

Source: Yomiuri Hochi

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