Friday, June 19, 2015

Mizushima Hiro & ayaka welcome the arrival of their first daughter

Ayaka announced the arrival of her first daughter with Mizushima Hiro through her blog on 19 June. In the statement released under the couple's names, ayaka mentioned that they are filled with joy whenever they see their child sleeping peacefully. When the baby was born, it felt as if God had given them a wink and they are extremely grateful for the happiness bestowed to them. Reflecting on her pregnancy and childbirth, ayaka said that she had experienced many things for the first time and they will both raise their child without forgetting that she is God's gift to them.

According to insiders, Mizushima was also present at the hospital at the time of their daughter's birth. He also released a photo on his Instagram account featuring the hands of his family and wrote a message "I'm a dad" along with it.

Mizushima and ayaka got married in February 2009 and announced her pregnancy last December. Ayaka is expected to return to work in November when she starts her "Ayaka Rainbow Road TOUR 2015-2016 ~ Michi wa tsuzuku yo ~".

Source: Oricon

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Congrats to the couple on the new baby!