Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ichikawa Somegoro & Domoto Koichi to work together in the TV Asahi drama SP "Onmyouji"

Ichikawa Somegoro and KinKi Kids' Domoto Koichi will be working together in the TV Asahi drama "Onmyouji" which is based on the novel by Yumemakura Baku and due to be shown in summer this year. Ichikawa will play the lead Abe no Seimei while Domoto will play Abe's buddy Minamoto no Hiromasa. The same novel had been made into a NHK drama starring SMAP's Inagaki Goro and two movies starring Nomura Mansai in the past. This will be Domoto's first appearance in a period drama while Ichikawa last played Abe in the opening kabuki production "Onmyouji" in 2013 when the Kabukiza was reopened after renovations. As compared to the previous editions, this drama SP will make use of latest computer graphics to portray the world of the onmyouji, the monsters and magic. Filming was done primarily in Oshu City, Iwate Prefecture over a month from early May.

Domoto admitted that it was difficult for him to get used to wearing a wig and the Heian period clothes but said that it was a precious opportunity for him to take part in this drama and learn from Ichikawa who seemed fully at ease about being Abe. In addition, as Minamoto was supposed to be a famous flute player, Domoto had to spend a lot of time practising especially since he knew little about Gagaku.

Co-stars also include Kawahara Kazuhisa who is also Ichikawa's brother-in-law in real life, Wada Masato, Musaka Naomasa, Shigaki Taro, Uesugi Shozo, Hinagata Akiko, Wada Toshihiro, Jinbo Satoshi, Kunimura Jun.

Source: Oricon


chan said...

lt's interest at both monsters and magic.

Soni said...

I want to see this special.^^