Saturday, June 13, 2015

Maeda Atsuko to be the heroine in NTV Summer 2015 drama "Do Konjo Gaeru"

Maeda Atsuko will play the role of Kyoko, the heroine in the upcoming NTV Summer 2015 drama "Do Konjo Gaeru" which stars Matsuyama Kenichi. She commented that she had prior knowledge of the manga and her mother was very happy when Maeda told her about the offer. In the drama which is set 16 years after the manga, the lead character Hiroshi will be 30 years old while Kyoko who is his only love, will be 29 years old. Upon reuniting with Kyoko after a long time, Hiroshi realises that her old self is nowhere to be found and hopes to do something about it.

Co-stars also include Katsuji Ryo who plays Goro, Mitsuishi Ken who plays the owner of "Takarazushi", Denden who plays Hiroshi's former form teacher Machida, Shirahane Yuri who plays Yoshiko-sensei, Arai Hirofumi who plays Gorilla Imo and Yakushimaru Hiroko who plays Hiroshi's mother. An original character i.e. Kyoko's grandmother will be played by Shiraishi Kayoko.


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Become to this current series that made a deal for elder people?