Thursday, February 19, 2015

Production press conference of new WOWOW drama "Tenshi no Knife"

The production press conference of new WOWOW drama "Tenshi no Knife" was held on 18 Feb which was attended by the cast members Koide Keisuke, Kurashina Kana, Fujimoto Izumi, Chiba Yudai and LaSalle Ishii. The drama which is based on the debut novel by Yakumaru Gaku that won the 51st Edogawa Ranpo Award, features Koide as Hiyama, a cafe owner whose wife was killed by a group of 13-year-old boys who tries to find out what these people are doing now and if they are truly making amends for what they did. Koide commented as the filming went on, it became tougher emotionally due to the serious theme of the story. On the other hand, there were many scenes which he had to do with a baby who plays his child in the drama but his co-stars teased him for being very poor at playing with and carrying the baby.

The drama will begin its run from 22 February at 10pm on Sundays.


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