Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Tokushige Satoshi announces his marriage to his girlfriend of 20 years

Tokushige Satoshi announced through his official blog on 3 Feb that he had married his girlfriend of 20 years at the end of last year. In his statement, he revealed that he and his wife were classmates since senior high school and had been dating for 20 years before they got married. He described her as a cheerful person and believed that they would be able to build a happy family together. Tokushige ended the statement by asking for the support of everyone as he continues to work hard in his acting career.

Source: My Navi News

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Anonymous said...

Ah, "High School Sweethearts"
Congratulations to you both.

Here a WFT Fun Fact #1376

Women who marry their best friend & or high school chrsh live happier, live longer and are less likely to divoorce.