Sunday, February 01, 2015

Osawa Takao, Maki Yoko & Ishihara Satomi star in new movie "Kaze ni tatsu Lion"

The movie "Kaze ni tatsu Lion" directed by Miike Takashi and based on Sada Masashi's same-titled song and novel about the true story of a Japanese doctor working in Kenya to provide mobile medical aid, will be shown in cinemas from 14 March. Osawa Takao takes on the leading role as Koichiro who is sent to work at a research institute in Kenya from an university hospital and leaves behind his girlfriend Takako (Maki Yoko) in Japan. While in Kenya, he receives a request to work at the local Red Cross Hospital for a month where he comes into contact with young men who get seriously injured due to war and are forced to go back to their combat positions after being injected with anesthesia, Ishihara Satomi plays a Japanese nurse named Wakako who is initially at loggerheads with Koichiro but later changes her opinion of him.


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