Saturday, November 24, 2018

The 3rd top 10 ideal otona-joshi celebrities ranking 2018 (Oricon)

This survey is conducted annually by Oricon where women in their teens to 50s chose the female celebrity who they admire and hope to emulate as they become adults. Numbers in brackets indicate the ranking which the celebrity held in last year's ranking and those who did not get into the top 10 last year have a dash in the brackets.

Interestingly, Ishida Yuriko was the top choice for women in their 20s to 40s while Amami Yuki was the preferred choice for the teenagers and those in their 50s.

1) Ishida Yuriko (1)

2) Amami Yuki (2)

3) Kichise Michiko (3)

4) Igawa Haruka (4)

5) Yoshida Yo (8)

6) Matsushima Nanako (9)

7) Amuro Namie (7)

8) Shinohara Ryoko (5)

9) Maya Miki (-)

10) Yonekura Ryoko (6)

Source: Oricon

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