Friday, March 06, 2015

Production press conference of NHK drama SP "Sachi to Mayu"

The production press conference of NHK drama SP "Sachi to Mayu" was held on 2 March which was attended by the leads Kadowaki Mugi and Hirose Arisu. The drama SP which will be shown on 17 March at 10pm, is the winning work in the 38th Sousaku TV Drama Award and features Kadowaki as a 20-year-old who had been abandoned by her mother and Hirose as a 17-year-old girl who left home. By chance, the two of them end up living together.

The two actresses recounted that there was a scene where they had to eat gyoza and they ended up eating so much that they went without dinner that night. Hirose revealed that they ate about 30 pieces each during the filming. As the two of them are close in terms of age and this is the first time they are working together, Kadowaki praised her co-star for being so immersed in her role while Hirose said that Kadowaki's great acting made her resolve to work even harder.

Source: Sponichi

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chan said...

l still 've been impressed Hirose Arisu from Black President.