Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Story outline of "Yakou Kanransha"

The story is set in a luxury residential estate Hibarigaoka and focuses on three families living there i.e. the Endo, Takahashi and Kojima households. Endo Mayumi (Suzuki Kyoka) is thrilled that her dream of living in a house at Hibarigaoka has finally come true although it is quite a strain on her family's finances. However, following the failure of her daughter Ayaka to pass the junior high entrance exams, she starts to display a violent streak which becomes an openly-known fact in the neighbourhood.

On the other hand, in stark contrast to the Endo household, there is the Takahashi family who lives opposite the Endos and looks like the perfect model family. The husband is an elite doctor, the wife is a beauty, their daughter gets into the famous private high school which Ayaka failed to get in, their eldest son lives alone in the Kansai region while studying in the medicine faculty and their younger son is a natural-born athlete.

However, the unthinkable happens when the husband in the Takahashi family gets murdered and the police believes that it is the act of someone close to him. As investigations progress, it becomes known that the younger son had disappeared since the day of his father's mother which leads everyone to suspect if the younger son had indeed killed his father...

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