Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Top 10 actors who made a breakthrough in 2019 (Oricon)

The following survey was done by Oricon Monitor Research on 1,000 respondents from their teens to 50s between 15 November and 25 November where they chose which actor they felt had made a breakthrough in 2019. Yokohama Ryuusei was the top pick across all age groups except for those in their 50s who chose Kaku Kento:

1) Yokohama Ryuusei

2) Kaku Kento

3) Yoshizawa Ryo

4) Nakamura Tomoya

5) Nakagawa Taishi

6) Hirano Sho

7) Mamiya Shotaro

8) Arata Mackenyu

9) Ito Kentaro

10) Yoshida Kotaro

Source: Oricon

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