Monday, August 01, 2022

Status update of Summer 2022 dramas - 1 Aug 2022

Now that we are already a month into the Summer 2022 drama season, it's time for a recap of the dramas which I've watched, will continue watching and have already dropped. With this, you will know if I will continue to cover a drama with my episode reflections or will just round up at the end with a quick review. 

To read my past episode reflections posted on Twitter and Facebook, simply search for the hashtags on the Dorama World pages.

What I watched (at least 2 episodes; in order of start date):
1) Old Rookie
2) Unicorn ni notte
3) Teppachi!
4) Okutou 
5) Junai Dissonance
6) Yukionna to kani wo kuu
7) Ishiko to Haneo 
8) Kyousou no bannin
9) Hatsukoi no akuma
10) Mahou no rinobe

1) Teppachi! (watched up to Ep 4) 
2) Okutou (watched half of Ep 3) 

In danger of being dropped
1) Unicorn ni notte
2) Kyousou no bannin

Will continue watching but may switch to doing a quick review at the end instead
1) Yukionna to kani wo kuu
2) Old Rookie
3) Junai Dissonance

To continue with episode reflections barring unforeseen circumstances
1) Ishiko to Haneo
2) Hatsukoi no akuma
3) Mahou no rinobe

In the last season, I only finished one drama to the end with episode reflections i.e. "My Family" while I did a quick review for "Koi nante honki de dousuru no". Considering that I've only dropped 2 out of 10 at this stage, it seems that the offerings this season are better in terms of quality and appeal, at least in my opinion.

However, things may change again in the span of an episode or two so it's still too early to tell which drama will make it to the end.

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