Saturday, April 04, 2009

Mizushima Hiro & ayaka's marriage announcement press conference report

Mizushima Hiro and ayaka held their marriage announcement press conference on 3 April at the headquarters of TBS after news of their impending marriage was made known in Sponichi's report on the same morning. However, the couple revealed that they had already registered their marriage on 22 February and were thinking of how to make this announcement. In fact, they had just reported to their agency on 1 April that they registered their marriage. As a result of this sudden revelation by the papers, the couple decided to hold this sudden press conference to set things straight and explain why they got married in just 6 months afte after they started dating.

Mizushima revealed that ayaka has been battling Graves' disease (Basedow-Krankheit in German) the year after she made her debut. In order to control the condition, ayaka has been taking medicine but her condition fluctuates from time to time. On days when she's not feeling well, she becomes breathless and experiences palpitations. In fact, on this very day (3 April), this also happens to be a day when her condition is not that good. In order to support her through the difficult period of going through treatment, Mizushima decided to propose to ayaka in autumn last year.

Ayaka mentioned that Mizushima has been a pillar of support for her all this while and she hopes to concentrate on treatment after marriage. When she fully recovers from this illness, she wants to support him as a dutiful wife. In view of the treatment procedure, ayaka has cancelled all work engagements this year and will take an indefinite period of rest.

When reflecting on the proposal, ayaka said that Mizushima simply said "please marry me" and her mind was a total blank when she heard it. ayaka also flashed her wedding ring which Mizushima gave her at the end of last year during the press conference. Mizushima revealed that he gave it to her at his house just before she made her appearance on the Kouhaku last New Year's Eve. This was to give ayaka more assurance before they did the necessary paperwork.

Mizushima also said that ayaka was the first woman who made him feel that marriage is the extension of courtship. As such, he didn't want to let go of her in case he regrets it for the rest of his life. ayaka also replied shyly that he also means the same to her.

Mizushima mentioned that ayaka is not pregnant and looks forward to making a fresh start with her being by his side.

Source: Yahoo Japan / Oricon

For those who wish to know more about Graves' disease, please go here.


sangatsu7 said...

Hello. I found your place while looking for information on Ayaka's recent marriage announcement. Just wanted to say that I like reading the information on your site. They're interesting.. and we seem to share the same views and interest in movies/dramas :)

Chiaki said...

Hi sangatsu7, thanks for your comment. Do continue to support this site in future!

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No prob^^

Um, from what I've read so far, Zeni Geba, Okuribito and Suspect X. I just have the feeling that if we were in a cinema, we'd both go for the same type of movies. Not sure if that makes sense. Lol..

Anyway for next season's dramas I'm interested in Majo Saiban and LOVE GAME. I'm a little wary about Smile and a few of the others that look to be the more "popular" choices.. for various reasons.

choyness said...

Greetings! I was brought here when searching about info's regarding ayaka-chan's marriage. I was shocked that the guy was Hiro Mizushima. That guy was in hana kimi,zettai kareshi and mei-chan's butler. Anyway,Nice Read. Congrats hiro and ayaka!